This image of the ocean was taken at sunset one day when the moon was full. It’s actually the moon above the clouds, to the left of the island. The colors that make up this setting are soft, almost gentle. The way the light blue fades to pink into purple before hitting the ocean is fluid and this is, in a way comforting. I think the lighting also has a sort of tired feel; like the end of a long day (although it was sunset so this is perhaps to be expected). I think this is also echoed by the low tide which draws the dark sand out further, but instead of adding a darkness to the feeling or mood it guides your eyes to the light blue, almost white, of the ocean. Though oceans can sometimes be angry, this one is calm, almost not moving. The combination of serene colors, the hint of snow at the corner of the rope fence and the moon peeking above the clouds create a sense of peace. I think that this setting is, overall, gentle or soft, instilling a cool peacefulness.

The second image is of my cat sleeping on the couch. I liked this picture because of the warmth that seems to seep from the oranges and yellow. The wood ceilings and walls are not dark and basement-like but instead remind me of the feeling you get when you sit by a window and the sun is warm enough to make your eyes kind of heavy and sleepy but your still sort of awake. While it doesn’t really feel cozy exactly, it does seem inviting; a place you would want to sit and relax. I also think that the added hints of blue play off of the oranges in a pleasing way which makes it even more peaceful, though in a different way than that of the first image.

This third picture of the vase with the roses reminds me of poetry. Not any particular poetry, but just the term “poetic” in general. The sunlight coming in from the window breaks up any of the darkness that is otherwise held within the wood. The splash of pink is vibrant, and it clashes with the almost monotonous feeling of the rest of the image. The feeling of this setting is almost uneasy because of this, though not necessarily in a negative way. It creates an almost romantic feeling in this way, one that is desired but also hesitant.