In my project, I intend to argue that adults utilize child characters as a means of reconnecting with their past by living vicariously through the child, as well as explore the meaning of childhood when represented in a literary form. I also intend to argue that adults recreate the childhood experience within literature in an attempt to address the nostalgia they feel and connect with a time that is otherwise impossible to return to. I want to accomplish this by providing evidence from secondary sources to demonstrate how this is shown in Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. What I have so far addresses a sort of introduction to the topic and begins to go into some of the reasons why Victorian male authors utilized little girls as a means of reconnecting with their past. I then go into the nostalgic space that is childhood. However, I think that I need to introduce Alice in Wonderland/a brief description or summary before I go into my argument so as to make a better connection between the text and the secondary sources I used. This would include some reorganizing of the paragraphs; perhaps, putting the summary at the very beginning and sectioning my paper so that there was an introduction which included the summary and what I intend to argue/how/why it is important and then go into the idea of using little girls as intermediaries between adulthood and childhood. This would lead to a section on nostalgia and then a section on the relationship/dynamic between adults and children as a subsequent result of what adults want children to do in literature. I think thus far I have utilized strong supplemental source and made an interesting claim which has the beginnings of being supported. However, based on some of my peer review comments I need to add more evidence as well as discuss the sources in a more inquisitive way. I also think that I should add some element of an opposing view or in some way acknowledge the possible different viewpoints so as to strengthen my argument. As of right now, I need to go through and reorganize some paragraphs/ideas so my argument and claims are followed logically by the evidence and so that there is enough context for the presentation as that will be just a part of my paper. The paper itself will need to be longer and so I may need to write the entire paper draft so that I can pull from it the strongest parts for presentation.