The plays are going well. The setting that we decided on is Thursday, March 9th 1957. Kafka is going to be representative of the author that she represents in that she is sort of dreamy and her replies to situations are short and she goes along with almost anything that the others say, neither agreeing or disagreeing with either. Kafka is going to be bored and antsy. We also decided (from last week) that we are going to have been in the lab/confinement area since we came from our homeland, which we decided was Africa as they speak of it in one part of the play where it seems as though they were all there together. We decided from there that they must have known each other quite some time.
I also watched The Lion King which was very different from what we have looked at in class in that it is a sort of animated musical, with a very predictable plot and yet also I could not stop watching. Perhaps it was because of the memories that I have of being a child and watching it, but also because of how the ending is warm and leaves you without questions.